Friday, April 8, 2011

Guess This Name

So there are some Tongan names that translate into certain English names. For fun, I've decided to provide you with a few and see if you can guess what the English translation is. This really only works if you actually comment and tell me your guesses, though. I'll give you the answers next week! (Hopefully.) Male Names

  • Viniseni

  • Sekope

  • Kulisi

  • Taniela

  • Siaki

  • Tevita

  • Siosiua

  • Sione

Female Names

  • Mele

  • Malia

  • Siniti

  • Sela

  • Suli

  • Telesia

  • Lepeca

  • Sinitalela

The last one of the female list is a bonus because it's not really a very commonly used name but it's a super fun one! Good luck!

Love and miss you all!




  1. Yay! I'm so excited you posted more! I have some guesses, more as a way to procrastinate than anything else (this would maybe be easier if I knew the spelling to phonology mappings for Tongan...).

    Viniseni- Vincent
    Sicope- Jacob
    Kulisi- Kyle
    Taniela- Daniel
    Siaki- Zach/Jack
    Tevita- David
    Siosiua- Joshua
    Siosiua- John

    Mele- Mary
    Malia- Maria
    Siniti- Jennifer
    Sela- Sara
    Suli- Julie
    Telesia- Teressa
    Lepeca- Rebecca
    Sinitalela- ??

    Miss you oodles!

  2. I am clearly at a disadvantage guessing after Sarah, since she's studying linguistics for her stinkin' PhD, but here's a shot. (Not looking at Sarah's guesses until I'm done, promise!)

    Viniseni- Vinny
    Sicope- Jacob
    Kulisi- Caleb
    Taniela- Daniel
    Siaki- Jack
    Tevita- David
    Siosiua- Joseph
    Sione- Ron

    Mele- Marie
    Malia- Maria
    Siniti- Cindy
    Sela- Sarah
    Suli- Julie
    Telesia- Theresa
    Lepeca- Rebecca
    Sinitalela- Cynthia??

    Kaitlin, my parents love your blog! Also, should mail still be directed to the Peace Corps office, or do you have a new address in the village?

    Love you and miss you!!!
    <3 Kathleen

  3. Hey Sarah & Kathleen, you have some great guesses and I honestly would not have thought of them. The only "guess" I am going to make however, is:

    Sione - John

    Love you Kaitlin xoxoxo Mum